LIVE Hot Transfers

Genuinely interested and qualified consumers delivered to you by phone. How do we do it? 


Increase Lead Consumption

Contacting, qualifying and confirming a consumer’s interest takes time and effort. DoublePositive does it for you. We pass through only the best leads: qualified customers. We can triple your volume of hot, live transfers! 

Increase Staff Utilization

DoublePositive isn’t a sales force, but we make it easier for your sales force to succeed. Focus your skills where they count, spend less time dialing and more time closing. You can do it when your leads are qualified and interested. Produce more sales with your existing team, or increase the production of a smaller team. Anything’s possible with DoublePositive. 

Lower Your Cost

We target and qualify in volume. We have deep relationships with our suppliers. We use proprietary tools. We have extensive experience. We can drive down your cost per call, produce interested leads, and increase your sales. It’s the very essence of DoublePositive. 

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We've been doing this a long, long time...
Processes + Technologies = Efficient, Professional Results

Our LIVEHotTransfers Products 
Prime (Bundled Solution) 
1Fully scalable 
2Technology integrations 
3100% guaranteed live contact rate 
4Client sources leads 
5DoublePositive sources leads 
6Caller data dispositioned 
7Real-time data, instant feedback