Cross-Device Mobile Advertising

Locate new customers and reconnect with existing with cross-device mobile advertising. With access to billions of impressions, accurate and strategic targeting, conversion monitoring and tracking, our mobile solutions reach customers on the devices they use most, wherever the are.



Programmatic, RTB, Direct, and More

We are an Independent Trading Desk, and we’ve done the legwork to solve your programmatic buying needs. Leverage our connections to the major DSP’s, Ad Exchanges and data providers to uncover new prospects, retarget at scale, and drive conversions through CPM, CPA, CPL.    





Triple your volume of qualified consumers, delivered.

DoublePositive does the contacting, qualifying and confirming for you. We pass through only the best leads: qualified customers. Spend less time dialing and more time closing.


Performance-Based Optimization

All solutions lead here!

Combine channels and produce maximum results with minimum risk.
Mobile pay-per-call, online display and search engine marketing, lead generation and qualified live transfers,
all on an economical, scalable basis, and all focused on increasing your ROI.


We are not an advertising agency, but we make what ad agencies do work better.
Our cross-channel marketing tools find, target, track and deliver more
qualified new customers, making your campaign a success.

We love a good challenge.  So, challenge us to increase your marketing ROI.
Contact DoublePositive today and let’s get started!

We thrive when measured by how well we deliver new consumers to you—at the price you specify.
We love a good challenge.

Why DoublePositive Performs 
1Designed to minimize cost and maximize conversions 
2Focused exclusively on customer response including clicks, conversions, applications, sales, web forms, and calls 
3Optimized to deliver at the “right price” and at scale 
4Action-focused algorithms 
5Cross channel optimization (display, mobile, leads, transfers)